Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aishwarya Rai in The Pink Panther 2 premiere in New_York_City-

Really hot Ash modeling for Lux

Deepika in various catwalk shows

Deepika the current bolly super star is posing in various outfits.

Shilpa Sethi

Hot bollow actress is found on the ramp wearing tradional Indian Saree!

BRIT legend M.I.A Pregnant!

The singer is set to perform live, despite being NINE MONTHS preggers and ready to pop any second. She is hoping that she doesn’t deliver on stage tonight.

Kerry Katona new pics!

These are the latest pics of Hollywood hottie Kerry Katona....Enjoy....!

Negar covered in chocolate

After Kareena, it’s Negar Khan’s turn to cover herself in chocolate. We need more such yummy girls!

Miss India-Universe Neha Kapur in a sexy bikini

Indian housewife protests in undergarments against dowry harassment!!!!!!